Prime Minister gave the latest direction on epidemic prevention and control of COVID-19.


  • The Government Office issued Notice No. 57/TB-VPCP on the conclusion of the Prime Minister at the meeting of the Government on COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control.
  • The People’s Committee of provinces and centrally-run cities are assigned with the following tasks:
    • Actively develop anti-epidemic plans to ensure readiness for all epidemic situations
    • Coordinate with the Ministry of Health to review and prepare scenarios, organise regular trainings on epidemic prevention
    • Implement anti-epidemic measures under the guidance of the Ministry of Health
    • Coordinate with the Ministry of Health on the COVID-19 vaccination
    • Manage strictly immigration and isolation facilities
  •  The roles of the other ministries in the efforts to control the virus are also included, such as the Ministry of Defence in the control of borders, the Ministry of Information and Communication in providing information on the epidemic situation, the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs on the implementation of anti-epidemic measures in industrial parks, export processing zones, labour intensive economic zones.
  • The Notice shared the lessons learned from the pandemic experience that need to be further applied:
    • Timely leadership and direction of the Party and State and participation of the entire political system
    • Primary importance of health and life protection which paved ways for the efforts, consensus and mobilisation of social resources
    • Spirit of resilience to overcome challenges and collective efforts at all levels, branches and subjects in society
    • Transparent and timely public information
    • International cooperation, proactive initiative and participation in international joint efforts to address global challenges