Ho Chi Minh City received government order to control COVID-19 pandemic before mid-September.


  • Social distancing measures in Ho Chi Minh City will be extended by one month through 15 September. Evening curfews will continue to be in place.
  • The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Chairman shared that vaccination will be the priority in the city’s strategy to contain the pandemic. The city targets to have at least 70% of people aged 18 and above vaccinated with one dose and to have 15% fully vaccinated with two doses by 15 September.
  • From 16 August onwards, the city has allowed more people from the eligible priority group to have exemptions from movement restrictions, including those in vaccination forces, emergency and pandemic prevention and control forces, staff at supermarket and food marts, reporters and newspaper delivery personnel, sanitation workers, drivers of essential transport vehicles, etc.
  • Besides Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Long An and Dong Nai aim to control the pandemic before 1 September whereas other localities with existing social distancing measures are to put the pandemic under control before 25 August.
  • The Government has instructed the affected localities to ensure strict implementation of social distancing rules, sufficient supply of food and other necessities and timely medical treatment.
  • Enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City and other southern provinces have raised challenges in the “3 on-site” model, in particular the risk of cases spreading rapidly throughout industrial zones and facilities, as well as the high cost that is involved. The Department of Industry under the Ministry of Industry and Trade had a working session with associations and enterprises in the manufacturing and processing sectors. Industry feedback and data had been considered and recommendations were submitted to the Ministry of Health and related agencies.