Ho Chi Minh City imposed social distancing in entire city for 15 days.


  • While outbreaks in the country’s hotspots have eased, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee remains vigilant in the control and the 15-day social distancing started since 31 May 2021.
  • During this period, non-essential businesses are not allowed to operate and gatherings of more than 10 people in public places are restricted.
  • On 5 June 2021, the Prime Minister urged local governments to relax measures that are overly strict such that production and business activity and continue on. This is to avoid extreme measures that can disrupt supply chain and business operations. The Prime Minister also told authorities to ensure transportation is not blocked and trade is not banned.
  • On 5 June 2021, Ho Chi Minh City also released directive to ensure that transportation and movement of workers at the Dong Nai border remains uninterrupted. This came after the announcement on a 21-day self quarantine for travellers from Ho Chi Minh City. In view of production disruption concerns where around 16,000 workers travel between the border of the city and province every day, the announcement was adjusted in less than 12 hours.
  • To balance the risk of transmission and the need to keep production going, the authorities permit shuttle buses to transport workers in and out of Dong Nai. These buses must be registered with the authorities and operate at less than 50% of the full capacity. All passengers are required to adhere strictly to COVID-19 protocols.