Government stepped up efforts to prevent disruption of export of farm produce.


  • Agricultural production chain has been significantly disrupted due to social distancing and restrictions, which led to high stockpiles and drop in prices.
  • The Government is taking measures to reverse the effects. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is tasked to ensure nondisruption of agricultural production chain and to coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to promote export of agricultural produce to China.
  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible to provide instructions to localities where the pandemic is under control to reopen traditional markets and wholesale markets.
  • The Ministry of Transport is to ensure smooth transportation of farm produce and regulations in localities that are against those from the Government regarding the transportation of goods are to be abolished.
  • The Ministry of Health is requested to coordinate with various ministries, agencies and localities to ensure that production can continue to take place safely.
  • The Ministry of Finance is tasked to direct customs agencies to expedite customs clearance.
  • Working groups are being set up to provide instructions to production facilities to ensure production is managed safely and difficulties faced by businesses are handled promptly.
  • Government Resolution No. 105/NQ-CP was issued on 9 September 2021 and includes provisions on support for enterprises, cooperatives and household businesses. This supports the dual goals of the Government to contain the pandemic and at the same time resume business production and activities to keep the economy going.
  • On 21 September, Hanoi relaxed restrictions but Ho Chi Minh City remains under lockdown until the end of September. Ho Chi Minh City has set a target to fully reopen in mid-January 2022 after missing the deadline to reopen by 15 September.