Updates in China


  • On 22 December 2021, it was reported that Beijing will see tighter tourism epidemic prevention and control measures:
    • A-level tourist destinations, public libraries and theatres are to follow requirements on visitor number limitations, reservations, and staggered visiting hours.
    • Tourist-dedicated trains will be suspended
    • Group tour routes passing land port cities will be restricted.
  •  On 23 December 2021, Xi’an started its lockdown, with the following restrictions in place;
    • All residents are asked to stay home unless they had a pressing reason to go out.
    • Transport is suspended to and from the city apart from exceptional circumstances.
    • One person from each household would be permitted out every two days to buy household necessities.
    • All non-essential businesses are closed.
  •  On 24 December 2021, China health authorities tightened its land border with Vietnam, and foreign drivers would be barred from crossing the border between the two countries, affecting trade