Updates in China.


  • On 30 July, resurgence of reported cases has been observed in the northeastern Chinese city of Dalian. The first case was reported at a local seafood company. The seafood company has been temporarily shut down and its environment was disinfected while 344 employees were quarantined. The area, where the seafood company is located has been classified as high-risk zone. In addition, a citywide COVID-19 testing has been performed with the local residents. On 5 August, it was reported that the situation in Dalian has been effectively contained.
  • On 30 July, the China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) updated the list of meat eligible for export to China from countries or regions that meet the requirements of assessment and review. Temporary import suspension has been voluntarily raised by a Netherlandsand a Denmark-based pork products exporters.