The National Security Council announced the government’s plans to completely lift the lockdown of all businesses and activities across the country on 1 July.


  • On 1 June, the country entered into the third phase of relaxation. The measures include the following:

    – Curfew has been shortened from 11pm-4am to 11pm-3am. Exception is provided for public transport services and cargo vehicles that depart from their original destination before 11pm. and arrive at the final destination after 3am.
    – Shopping malls, department stores and community malls are allowed to open until 9pm.
    – Exhibition and convention venues are allowed to operate until 9pm but activity space must not exceed 20,000 square metres.

  • The reopening of all sectors on 1 July comes after the end of the state of emergency on 30 June. Among the businesses and activities that have yet to resume are pubs, concerts, boxing stadiums and venues that require convergence of large gatherings.
  • From 1 July onwards, inter-provincial and international travel will be allowed.