Thailand relaxes COVID-19 restrictions


  • On 21 January 2022, the Royal Thai Government announced the following relaxations on COVID-19 curbs with effect from 24 January 2022:
    • Nearly all businesses and activities in the blue zone provinces/districts can resume “New Normal” operations, with no limitation on the number of attendees.
    • Nearly all businesses and activities in the yellow zone provinces can resume “New Normal” operations, with attendees capped at 1,000 for meetings, events, and fairs, and at 75% seating capacity at sports events.
    • Malls, markets, convenience stores, and cinemas in the orange zone can resume “New Normal” operations, but with stricter regulations:
      • Restaurants and eateries can resume normal opening hours, but cannot serve dine-in customers alcoholic beverages.
      • Amusement and water parks within malls, department stores, and similar venues must remain closed.
      • Meetings and events in hotels, trade centres, convention halls, and similar venues can be organised for less than 1,000 attendees, and under stringent disease prevention and control guidelines.
      • Sports tournaments can be held, but the number of attendees must be capped at 50% of the capacity for indoor venues and 75% for outdoor venues.
    •  All types of entertainment venues, including pubs, bars, and karaoke shops nationwide are to remain closed until further notice.