Emergency decree is extended for another month until 31 August


  • The extension is seen as necessary as the country allows the entry of foreign visitors and eases restrictions on business and activities.
  • As the emergency decree continues for another month, the government has the authority to restrict arrivals, follow up suspected cases and put in place control measures on business and activities.
  • While the extension goes on, the enforcement on the ban on public gatherings as stipulated under Section 9 in the decree will be discontinued.
  • With the gradual opening of border, the Labour Ministry will be overseeing the arrival of workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar into the country to meet the demand for labour in the construction and food production sectors. The employers would have to arrange for “organisational quarantine” at their premises, where each room is allowed to accommodate more than one worker, provided the disease control standards can be met and workers are ensured not to leave the room during the quarantine period