Level 3 epidemic alert continues until 26 July.


  • Starting from 13 June 2021, the government continues to impose nationwide Level 3 epidemic alert and this will until 26 July 2021. However, relaxation will be given to certain restrictions, including
    • Conditionally relaxing restrictions on a few activities, including
      • Outdoor venues include national parks, national scenic areas, botanical gardens and others
      • Indoor venues include museums, cinemas, performance halls and others
      • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities, stadiums (excluding swimming pools) and golf
      • Dine-in services will be allowed for restaurants, night markets, food courts, etc. The operation shall adhere with the relevant guidelines issued by Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)
      • Domestic tour (only allow up to 9 or fewer people)
      • Filming
    •  Venues/activities remain prohibited under Level 3 epidemic alert include
    • Leisure and entertainment venues
    • Educational facilities
    • Exhibition and sports competition venues
  •  More details can be found here.