Taiwan FDA announced updated COVID-19 preventative measures for catering industry.


  • On 24 August 2021, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced updated measures for catering industry. A summary of the preventative measures is given below:
    • Health management of employees
      • Daily temperature measurement and health monitoring of employees;
      • Seek medical attention as soon as possible when suspected COVID-19 symptoms are present.
    •  Hygiene practice of employees
      • Strengthen epidemic prevention education and training for employees;
      • Wear masks and wash hands frequently;
      • The dining environment is maintained in a good and ventilated environment, and practicing social distancing as required.
    •  Environmental cleaning and disinfection
      • Disinfection should be carried out regularly;
      • Daily sanitation and disinfection of toilets.
    •  Dining management of customers
      • Customers who have a fever or upper respiratory tract symptoms are not allowed to enter establishment;
      • Mask should be worn except during dining;
      • Implement customer hygiene protection measures, including take body temperature at the entrance, alcohol spray for disinfection, and provide relevant equipment for hand washing;
      • Maintain good social distancing;
      • Buffet-style restaurants should have proper equipment to prevent droplet contamination