The government continues impose temporary curfew as effort to prevent COVID-19.


  • As 5 June will be the Poson Poya Day in Sri Lanka, the nationwide curfew will be imposed from 4 June to 5 June 2020 to control public movement. In addition, from 1 June to 3 June, the curfew will be effective in all the districts between 10:00pm to 04:00 am daily. The similar curfew will be imposed from 6 June onwards until further notice. The economic and social activities operate as usual during the non-curfew hours with the adherence to the issued Guidelines. On 30 May, the Guidelines for each sector were updated.
  • In addition, it was noted that relaxations have been granted for particular import situations, including import for export, non-locally available raw materials and certain food categories. However, some of the food categories still subject under the temporarily suspension at the moment.