Sri Lanka revised import control regulations.


  • On 16 July, the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) published revised temporary import controls. The revised regulation applies on commodities which will be loaded on/after 17 July in the country. Relaxations have been granted for particular import situations, including import for export, local value addition while others are allowed to be imported on a restricted basis.

  • The revised Schedule I includes commodities which are not permitted to be imported by using finance terms. The temporary suspension will be in force until further notice. On the other hand, the revised Schedule II lists down commodities which may be imported on a restricted basis (either under 90 days or 180 days deferred payment terms). The commodity in Schedule I or II will be allowed to be imported under minimum 30 day deferred payment terms if it has at least 35% local value addition, and provided the raw material is not locally available.