The guidance related to viewing professional sporting event has been published.


  • On 1 August, as the professional soccer league started allowing spectators (10% stadium capacity) enter the stadium, the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC) issued the guidance related to viewing professional sporting event. The KCDC advised people to follow the following steps;
  • Before attending a sporting event,
    • Buy event ticket online
    • Wear a mask while heading to the stadium
  • While attending a sporting event,
    • Wear a mask during the event
    • Sit at the designated seat
    • Do not consume food/drink while sitting at your seat
    • Do not engage in excessive cheering that may lead to the droplets contact
  • After attending a sporting event,
    • Refrain from visiting close-contact places, including entertainment venues, restaurants and cafes
    • Follow COVID-19 prevention guidelines while staying/using public facilities