The government advised on the COVID-19 prevention measures in restaurants


  • On 7 July, the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC) provided analysis of restaurant-related risk factors and advised caution to the public.
  • The reported high risk behaviors at restaurant include

    – Drinking and talking with mask off or wore masks improperly
    – Long staying hours at confined space
    – Close contact between customers
    – Restaurants are not well ventilated

  • The KCDC advised that in order to prevent transmissions at restaurants, the customers shall fulfill the following

    – Avoid busy hours and minimise staying time
    – Sit staggered/zigzag if possible
    – Observe personal hygiene rules (hand washing, use of hand sanitiser before & after using serving utensils, wear a mask before entering restaurant and before & after having meals)
    – Avoid using shared utensils and glasses