Social distancing has been lowered from Level 2 to Level 1, excluding metropolitan areas.



  • On 11 October, it was reported that the government has decided to lower its social distancing from Level 2 to Level 1 for areas outside of the metropolitan areas, however, limited operation will be maintained and in effect for the metropolitan areas, especially Seoul area.
  • For metropolitan areas, the social distancing will be continued with the following requirements, including but not limited to;
    • Activities are prohibited in the high-risk facilities where group infections have recently occurred
    • Ban on gatherings for 10 high-risk facilities, including large-scale academics and buffets will be lifted, however, the operation shall be resumed with requirements.
    • People are encouraged to avoid gatherings and events with more than 50 people for indoor activities and 100 people for outdoor activities.
    • Stadium will be allowed to operate with 30% capacity for spectators.