Entry screening has been strengthened at sea ports.


  • Starting from 1 July, the government will enforce tightened measures on entry screening at sea ports to prevent the import cases of COVID-19. The measures will be carried out by assessing the risk level of the country which the ship departed from, the level of contact among people on board, and risk level of people who are disembarking and entering Korea. A few measures were highlighted, including

    – All crew members disembarking to switch shifts will be tested and quarantined for 14 days. Foreign nationals who under quarantine will be allowed to leave the country before the quarantine period of 14 days provided if they are tested negative for COVID-19.
    – Temporary landing permission for crew members will be minimised. The individuals will be required to be tested and monitored with the Self-Check app if they are permitted to landing.
    – Contactless methods shall be employed while loading or unloading cargo. The process shall strictly adhere to the infection prevention measures.