Selected F&B operations that were suspended are allowed to resume operations.
The government has circulated an updated operational guidance on the permissible activities and Safe Management Measures for F&B establishments, including Safe Management Measures for the following area:
  • Customer-facing operations – contact tracing, safe distancing, cleanliness
  • Workplace premises – implementation of a system of Safe Management Measures, safe distancing, contact tracing, requirement for personal protective equipment, etc.
  • Impact on Food Supply Chain
  • Standalone stores (excluding those in hawker centres, food courts and coffee shops) predominantly selling beverages, as well as F&B outlets (including food vending machines) in parks must remain closed. All F&B establishments that are allowed to continue operations can only do so for takeaway and/or delivery.
  • Businesses that are permitted to operate during the Circuit Breaker period should continue to adhere to the allocated manpower quota to minimise the movement of workers.
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    Multi-Ministry Taskforce allows for the gradual resumption of selected operations, subject to the necessary safe management measures being in place.
    The following will be allowed to resume operations:
  • Manufacturing and onsite preparation of all food, including cakes and confectionery, ice cream, cocoa, chocolate and chocolate products, and other snacks.
  • Retail outlets of food, including cakes and confectionery, packaged snacks and desserts (for takeaway and delivery only).
  • Home-based food businesses (only for delivery or collection).
  • Retail laundry services.
  • Barbers and hairdressers (basic haircut services).
  • Retail of pet supplies
  • Impact on Food Supply Chain
    As the government gradually reopens work premises sectors to operate, companies should put in place safe management practices as part of the operations. This means proactively identifying situations and practices which have higher infection risks, and implementing appropriate precautions and safeguards.
    The Prime Minister announced the extension of circuit breaker to 1 June, as well as the implementation of tighter measures and reduction of businesses that are permitted to operate during the circuit breaker.
    Along with the Prime Minister’s announcement, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce also issued the tightened list of essential services and measures for workplaces which are allowed to open.
    The tightened list excludes the following as essential services that are allowed to operate:
  • Manufacture of chocolate and chocolate products; manufacture of chips, crackers and other titbits; manufacture of ice-cream; manufacture of cocoa and chocolate powder from beans; manufacture of non-chocolate confectionery and manufacture of cakes and confectionery)
  • F&B outlets that sell beverage, packaged snack, confectionery, dessert stores, as well as all F&B outlets in parks (except on Pulau Ubin)
  • Impact on Food Supply Chain
  • With the rise of infected cases in the dormitories of foreign workers, the Ministry of Manpower has stopped workers in and out of the dormitories.
  • Companies who are affected can submit their appeal against the reduction of foreign workers and appeal for additional manpower with the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • The reduction of manpower capacity due to restriction of foreign workers’ movement and elderly workers on-site to protect them has reduced the output of production. This has greater impact on facilities that is more labour intensive with lesser automation in place.
  • Due to the tightened list, manufacturers have to close production lines for the products that are no longer deemed as essential.
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