On 15 June, the Ministry of Health announced the transition into Phase Two of reopening which will start on 19 June.


  • Phase Two will see the resumption of most activities, subject to the following safe distancing principles, apart from a small list of exceptions.
  • Businesses that are permitted to resume operations do not need to apply for an exemption before resuming operations but are required to submit the number of workers who are working on-site via the GoBusiness portal within two weeks of the date of resumption of on-site operations.
  • Individuals are to maintain safe distancing of at least 1m at all times. Small-group social gatherings are allowed, up to five persons. This includes visitors at households.
  • Retail businesses may reopen physical outlets. Food and beverage establishments that predominantly selling beverages can resume business and dine-in services are allowed. For dine-in and group gathering, the 1m safe distancing requirement may be waived only if each group is made up of not more than five persons. The sales and consumption of alcohol in all food establishments will be prohibited after 2230hrs daily.
  • Public venues with high human traffic, such as malls and large standalone retail outlets will be subject to capacity limits.