Implementation of multi-layered approach to ensure safe resumption of work for migrant workers.


  • On 11 August, the Ministry of Manpower declared all dormitories cleared of COVID-19, with the exception of those that are dedicated as quarantine facilities.
  • Workers that reside in dormitories are able to resume work after the dormitory operators, employers and workers have made the necessary preparations to do so in a safe manner. Safe living measures as to be in place, such as having staggered pick-up/drop-off timings, updating of the workers’ residence addresses, and minimising mixing between blocks.
  • The Interagency Task Force continues to actively monitor the dormitories to manage the risk of new outbreaks but putting in place layers of safeguards, such as worker self monitoring of health, close monitoring of sick worker, monitoring of wastewater from higher risk dormitories for COVID-19 and regular routine testing for workers in higher risk settings, including workers staying in dormitories and onsite workers in construction, marine and process sectors.