New Zealand lifts all COVID-19 restrictions across the country except for Auckland.
On Sep 21, New Zealand lifted all COVID-19 restrictions across the country (Alert Level 1), except for Auckland city, as the number of new infections drop.
Auckland remains on Alert Level 2, but moves out of lockdown as it battles to control the outbreak of COVID-19 that re-emerged in the city in August.
Foreign travel ends the nation’s 24-day streak of being free from COVID-19, with 3 new cases of COVID-19 reported.
Quarantine breaches and other failures resulted in three new COVID-19 cases, putting an end to the nation’s 24-day run with no positive cases.
New Zealand’s defence force will now oversee the country's quarantine facilities and strengthen border requirements. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern cites the need for the confidence, rigour and discipline that the military can provide.
With no new COVID-19 cases for the 12th consecutive day, all social distancing measures may be lifted next week.
The Prime Minister announced that the nation may shift down to Alert Level 1.
This means that all social distancing measures could be lifted to return the country back to pre-pandemic normality, with the exception of reopening New Zealand’s borders.
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