Temporary relaxation of licensing requirements for import and export of certain goods.


  • The Ministry of Commerce issued Newsletter No. 02/2021 to permit temporary exemption for import licenses for 72 items where most of the items is essential goods, including food, medical products and items critical for the country’s development. 32 items are exempted from export license which are all agricultural products.
  • The relaxation will take place from 8 March to 9 April 2021 and may be extended if the situation deems it as necessary.
  • The situation in the country remains challenging as operations are halted, including manufacturing and infrastructure, raw material imports, loading of goods at ports and transport of finished goods. The impact is significant in Yangon that with high sea-bound trade and the crisis has led to more shipping lines suspending cargo bookings and closure of offices.
  • The export volume from ports in Yangon decreased up to 90% whereas imports dropped 80%.
  • Transport within the city is also challenging due to road blocks that hinders the movement of goods from factories to warehouses and ports.