Malaysia has moved to the fifth phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO)
The Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin introduced new regulations, Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), as the fifth round of MCO, and will be started from 4 to 12 May 2020.
  • In addition, the new regulations for CMCO also listed the 13 specific types of businesses and activities prohibited during the CMCO. The types of businesses prohibited are listed in the SOP for Reopening of the Economy.
  • The CMCO allows people to conduct social and economic activities with loosened restrictions, including interstate travel, public is allowed to travel in four people per vehicle, relaxation on the number of attendees to funeral. However, other regulations have been maintained, including the ban on gathering, quarantine, and health checks on inbound travellers.
  • Government announced that it is mandatory for all foreign workers to undergo the COVID-19 screening. The cost will be free if they are registered with Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and work in industries which allowed to resume operation.
  • Following the announcement of new regulations, CMCO, the economy sectors and businesses, including food industry, resume operations with the adherence to SOP for Reopening of the Economy, and SOP for different sectors. The SOP for Manufacturing Sector has allowed manufacturers to operate with 100% capacity and without time restrictions.
    For companies that have not submitted application to operate during the MCO Phase 1, 2, and 3 are required to declare the commitment to comply with the established SOP by submitting company information to Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).
    Updates on the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia (scheduled to end on 12 May 2020)
    Phase 4 of MCO started and it is scheduled to expire on 12 May 2020. In the phase 4 of MCO, the government has loosened restrictions for the movement of public. In phase 4, public is allowed to travel in pair per household for beyond 10 km to shop for essential necessities, including food and medical needs. Previously, public was only allowed to travel in one person per household and to obtain the basic necessities within 10 km.
    In addition, the government is establishing new standard operating procedures (SOPs) to recover different economic and social systems in Malaysia. The SOPs will be shared in due course.
    Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) has released the Guidelines for the Prihatin Screening Programme (Phase 1) for companies granted approval to resume operations during the MCO. The testing is provided free for employees registered with SOCSO and the test will be divided into two phases. The first phase will be performed for the workers in the high-risk zones while the relevant guidelines for the second phase of screening will be announced by SOCSO in due course.
    Impact on Food Supply Chain
    Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI), YB Dato’Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali has announced that, for economic sectors, including food companies, that have been allowed to operate during the MCO Phase 1, 2, and 3 can increase operation in MCO phase 4 to full capacity and they are also allowed to operate without any time restrictions in accordance to the terms of the SOPs. The companies are advised to update the existing name list with full list of employees on CIMS 2.0 system on the MITI portal.
    Updates on the third phase of Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia. The MCO has been extended
    Prime Minister announced that the MCO will be extended until 12 May 2020. For businesses which had received approval to operate for the previous MCO phases, the businesses can continue to operate in the extended MCO.
    Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has issued the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) No. 4 on the General Question on Application Process and Business Operations for the MCO in Malaysia. For employees who are approved to work during MCO, are required to perform COVID-19 screening at Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) panel clinics, where the cost will be covered by SOCSO. It also highlighted that the companies do not need to stop operating while screening is performed for the employees in accordance with the guidelines which will be published by SOCSO.
    The waiver of port storage and removal charges will be continued from 16 April to 23 April, 2020 on case by case basis upon application to the cargoes of non-essential goods at both Northport and Westports.
    FMM (Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers) has submitted a letter to highlight difficulties faced by the manufacturers in MCO phase 3. The new restriction in MCO phase 3 has limited manufacturers’ operation hours from 8am to 8pm. For those who wish to extend operational hours, they shall obtain approval from the authority. However, there is a confusion on which authority ultimately provides the approval for 24-hour operations. On this, the FMM is seeking clarifications from the local authority.
    In addition, it is noted that a Cabinet Committee on Food Security chaired by the Prime Minister will be set up to formulate National Food Security Policy for improving Malaysia’s food security.
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