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Social distancing maintained at Level 2.5 for metropolitan areas and Level 2 for non-metropolitan areas.
On 16 January 2021, it was reported that the social distancing will be maintained at Level 2.5 and Level 2 for metropolitan areas and non-metropolitan areas respectively.
The enforcement will be effective until 31 January 2021. All the activities shall comply with the requirements announced by the government.
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Stricter social distancing imposed for the Greater Seoul (Level 2.5) and nationwide (Level 2; excluding Greater
Starting from 8 December, social distancing measures have been tightened for Greater Seoul and nationwide (excluding Greater Seoul).
The Greater Seoul has been placed under Level 2.5 while nationwide has been placed at Level 2.
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Stricter social distancing imposed for the Seoul metropolitan area and Honam region.
On 22 November, it was reported that starting from 24 November, social distancing measures will be tightened for Seoul metropolitan area as well as Honam region.
For Seoul metropolitan area, level 2 of social distancing will be imposed for two weeks. Under the enforcement of level 2 social distancing, stricter restrictions are imposed.
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