The government updated the latest border enforcement measures.


  • On 1 July, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan updated the latest border enforcement measures1, including

    – Denial of permission to entry for foreigners who have stayed in any of the 129 countries or region which fall under the list of denial permission to entry, foreigners who have Chinese passports issued in Hubei Province or Zhejiang Province of China and foreigners who were on the Westerdam cruise ship, which departed from Hong Kong. Special circumstances will be considered for foreigners who possess the status of residence, however, with specific terms and requirements apply based on their last travel.
    – All nationals arriving from the banned 129 countries will subject to the PCR tests and they will be subject to the 14-days quarantine.
    – Validity of certain visas will be suspended until the last day of July.
    – Restrictions on certain airport/ports for arrival.