Japan conditionally lifted 14-day quarantine for business travellers.



  • On 8 October, it was reported that the Government of Japan will conditionally exempt the 14-day quarantine policy for business travellers. This will be implied to Japanese citizens and foreign nationals with residence permits returning to Japan. For individuals who are eligible for the exemption are required to submit a detailed plan of their movements in the 14 days once entering into Japan.
  • At the same time, starting from 8 October, the Government of Japan will operate business track and residence track with the Republic of Korea;
    • Under the business track, it enables limited business activities during the 14-day stay at home period upon arrival and a detailed plan of travel itineraries will be required. This track is intended for short-term business travellers.
    • Under the residence track, it enables the entering of cross-border travellers, however, the travellers are subject to the 14-day stay at home or designated area quarantine upon arrival. This track is intended for long-term residents.
  • Currently, the residence track  and business track have been established by the Government of Japan with a few countries to resume cross-border travel.