President Joko Widodo formed two task forces to overcome COVID-19 - COVID-19 Handling Task Force and the National Economic Recovery Task Force.
The task forces are set up with the aim to keep the economic recovery and COVID-19 prevention programme.
  • The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs is is appointed as the institution to coordinate the team to formulate policies for handling COVID-19. Minister of State-Owned Enterprises was appointed to serve as the Chief Executive to coordinate between the two task forces.
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    Government Enhanced Measures for Use of Public Transportation
    Circular of the Minister of Transportation No. SE.11 of 2020 on Guidelines and Technical Guidance for the Organisation of Land Transportation during the New Normal Adaptation Period for the Prevention of the Spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  • A number of standard operating procedures for the land transportation sector was established, which the following stakeholders are required to comply: 1) Public transportation companies; 2) Personal passenger vehicles; 3) Application-based motorcycle transportation; 4) Road transportation terminals; and 5) Relevant authorised officials working in supervisory roles (i.e. vehicle weighing stations [unit pelaksana penimbang kendaraan bermotor], physical examinations of vehicle designs and motor-vehicle testing).
  • The following measures must be implemented by public transportation companies: 1) Minimum health protocols (i.e. daily sterilisation of vehicles, the mandatory wearing of masks and observance of physical distancing, etc.); 2) Optimisation of online sales of tickets; and 3) Ensuring that all passengers have tested negative for Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) through rapid testing.
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