On 8 June, the Ministry of Transportation issued Regulation No. 41/2020 on the amendments to Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 18/2020 on the Management of Transportation in the Effort to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19


  • Passenger capacity is to be limited along with physical distancing.
  • Along with the regulation, the Ministry of Transportation has issued a number of circulars on the operational guidelines for the various mode of transportation:

    – Land transport
    – Rail transport
    – Sea transport
    – Air transport

  • The operational guidelines for land transport are to go according to a phased approach.

    – Phase 1: Conditional border (9 June to 30 June)
    – Phase 2: Recovery period / controlled spread (1 July to 31 July)
    – Phase 3: New normal (1 August to 31 August)

  • Travellers using land transportation are to observe the operational guidelines according to the risk in the respective colour-coded zones.
  • On 6 June, the COVID-19 Task Force released Circular No. 7/2020 on criteria and rules on travel in the period of adaptation towards a productive society and safe from COVID-19. Travellers within the country are to observe the following:
    Display self identification
    Display declaration on negative PCR test within 7 days or non-reactive rapid test results within 3 days from the date of travel
    In area without PCR or rapid testing facility, traveller can display declaration to show that he or she is without symptoms