On 19 June, the Ministry of Health issued a new set of health protocols for public facilities.


  • The Minister of Health Decree No. HK.01.07/Menkes/382/2020 on Health Protocol for Citizens in Public Areas and Facilities in Mitigating COVID-19 that was issued provides guidance to the public on the new habit and lifestyle to be adopted at public places, considering that these places carry a high potential for the spread of COVID-19.
  • The health protocols applies to public spaces such as markets, malls, hotels, food and beverage establishments, sports facilities, transportation modes, stadium/terminal/port/airport, tourist attractions, beauty salons, creative economy services, places of worship and event venues.
  • The principles of the safety protocols are to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among individuals through measures such as putting on face masks, regular hands cleaning, keeping a distance of at least 1m with others or other forms of administrative or technical alternatives like limitation in gathering, setting up partitions.