Jakarta’s Large-Scale Social Restrictions officially extended to 17 July.


  • Jakarta’s Provincial Government officially extended the current Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) transition period for another 14 days, beginning from 3 July to 17 July. This decision was taken due to the COVID-19 Effective Reproduction Number (Rt) transmission in Jakarta that remains above the threshold recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to allow further relaxation to the restrictions.
  • Jakarta’s Government would focus on four specific policies in enforcing the transitional PSBB. The government will increase Jakarta administration’s surveillance of crowded places, particularly wet markets and commuter lines (KRL). The governor plans to deploy military and police officers to limit crowds in approximately 300 wet markets across Jakarta as well as KRL. The government will also stop the implementation of odd-even policy for vendors in markets, yet markets’ operational hours and the number of buyers allowed to enter markets will be reduced.
  • Schools will not be opened in the near future as children are considered as one of the most vulnerable groups to contract or transmit COVID-19. The governor also urged members of public who wanted to take part in public protests to maintain physical distancing throughout demonstrations.