Jakarta administration reinstated transitional Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB).



  • The transitional phase of Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) in Jakarta happened from 12 October to 25 October and was extended to 8 November.
  • During this period, capacity limitations for 11 essential industries were exempted and this included the food and beverage industry. These industries may operate at the capacity that is necessary.
  • With Indonesia topping the Global Business Complexity Index, the President shared on 24 October that the government is determined to carry out structural reforms and to reform regulations and bureaucracy at a large scale to support the micro and small enterprises.
  • On 1 October, the Ministry of Industry issued Regulation No. 31/2020 on Guidelines for the Implementation of Government-Borne Duty-Free Facilities for the Import of Goods and Materials for the Production of Good and/or Services by Certain Sectors Affected by COVID-19. The Regulation states the industries that are eligible and the requirements that are needed to be complied with. Goods and materials that are subjected to 0% import duty are not eligible. The products have to fulfil the following requirements:
    • Goods and materials that is not produced in the country;
    • Goods and materials that is produced in the country but does not fulfil the required specifications;
    • Goods and materials that is produced in the country but the volume is insufficient for industry needs.