Indonesia: Government released provisions on domestic and international travelling.


  • Circular No. 17/2021 was issued by the Indonesian COVID-19 Task Force on the provisions of domestic travelling whereas Circular No. 18/2021 on the provisions of international travelling.
  • Under Circular No. 17/2021, travellers that enter or leave areas that are categorised as level 3 and level 4 PPKM with public transport are to provide a vaccination certificate (minimum completion of first dose) and a negative RT-PCR test result that is issued within 48 hours prior to time of departure or a negative rapid test antigen test result that is issued within 24 hours prior to time of departure. Provisions are provided for other types of travelling.
  • Under Circular No. 18/2021, international travellers, including Indonesian and non-Indonesians that are eligible to enter into the country must have vaccination certification to prove the complete of dosages and negative RT-PCR test result from country of departure that is issued within 72 hours prior to time of departure. Upon arrival, travellers are required to carry out RT-PCR test and undergo quarantine for 8 days. Those without vaccination are required to be vaccinated when they enter into the country. Vaccination records can be verified at clinics that are appointed by the Ministry of Health.