Emergency community-level public activity restrictions (PPKM Darurat) enforced in the islands of Java and Bali from 3 to 20 July.


  • During this time, all malls are not allowed to operate. Dining in food establishments, including restaurants, cafes and street food vendors is also not allowed and only takeaways can be permitted.
  • The movement of people is controlled based on the sector of work that they are involved in and the categories are non-essential, essential and critical sectors.
  • The critical sectors include energy, health, security, logistics and transportation, food, petrochemical, utilities and others that supply basic daily needs. People that work in critical sectors are allowed to work in the office.
  • Supermarkets, grocery outlets, mini marts and wet markets are allowed to operate until 8pm at a 50% capacity.
  • PPKM is in place in all 34 provinces and local leaders in the provinces are allowed to restrict the movement of people within their communities.
  • On 6 July 2021, the Minister of Home Affairs issued Instruction No. 17/2021 regarding the extension of micro PPKM in villages and subdistrict levels outside the islands of Java and Bali.