The Guidelines for Phased Re-opening (Unlock 3) has been announced.


  • Following the end of ‘‘Unlock 2’’ phase, on 29 July, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) announced the Guidelines for Phased Re-opening (Unlock 3). According to the Guidelines for Phased Re-opening (Unlock 3), a few key measures are summarised as below:

    – All activities in areas outside Containment Zones will be permitted, excluding prohibited activities such as academic, entertainment, sports, social, political, religious-related events. Starting from 5 August, yoga institutes and gymnasiums will be permitted to resume operation. The relevant Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be announced by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW)
    – Lockdown remains in force in the Containment Zones until 31 August, 2020 and only essential activities will be allowed, where no movement of people in or out of these zones, except for medical emergencies and for maintaining supply of essential goods and services.
    – The local government may impose restrictions on certain activities outside the Containment Zones, as deemed necessary.

  • In addition, the National Directives for COVID-19 Management shall continue remain in force throughout the country.


  • For food sector, the food manufacturing activities remain unhampered.
  • Based on the Guidelines, there shall be no restriction on inter-State and intra-State movement of persons and goods. No additional approval/permission will be required for these forms of movements.