• A study conducted by the SUN (Scaling Up Nutrition) Business Network in 17 SUN countries has called for more support from governments, donors, investors, multinational companies, and nutrition partners in UN agencies and civil society for the SME sector.
  • The report noted that SMEs are a critical line of defence in ensuring low-income consumers can access safe and nutritious foods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Findings revealed that 94 per cent of respondents reported being impacted by the pandemic, mainly via decreased sales (82 per cent). Furthermore, 85 per cent anticipated future impacts on their supply chains, including shortages of supplies (61 per cent) and transportation and distribution disruptions (49 per cent).
  • Jonathan Tench, Global Coordinator, SUN Business Network, said, “Our survey reveals the devastating extent of the pandemic so far on the SME sector […] The SUN Business Network calls on partners to assist us in providing access to finance and technical assistance to keep nutritious foods producing SMEs afloat – and help them build stronger, more resilient businesses with an even greater impact on nutrition, so that they can bounce back from this crisis.”

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