• From collapsing supply chains to power grabs by populist leaders, the coronavirus pandemic has revealed how a crisis can swiftly ramp up wider security risks – a clear warning as climate change looms large, security experts warned on Thursday.
  • Kate Guy, Senior Research Fellow at the U.S. Center for Climate and Security, said that as leaders scramble to learn lessons from the COVID-19 crisis, they also need to think ahead to climate risks. She stressed that a hotter planet could bring shocks to global food systems, dry up vital water supplies or give populist leaders an excuse to give themselves broad emergency powers, as seen in the Philippines and eastern Europe with COVID-19.
  • Adriana Abdenur, a climate and security expert at the Igarape Institute, a Rio de Janeiro think-tank, said the loss of Amazon forest and Andean glaciers as the planet warms could lead to food insecurity across the central region of South America. Neil Morisetti, a British climate envoy, suggested for countries to grow more food at home instead of relying on international supply chains, and getting military and economic officials to monitor climate risks.

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