On 22 April, the Government made the decision to increase rice export quota from 400,000 tonnes to 500,000 tonnes for the month of April.


  • On 28 March, the export ban was lifted and 400,000 tonnes of rice was approved for export for the month of April.
  • Further to the earlier approved quantity, the Government increased another 100,000 tonnes to the rice export quota.
  • The export plan for May is being drafted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and will be submitted to the Government by 25 April.


  • The uncleared rice consignments at the ports remain unresolved and this puts traders with signed contracts at risk if they are unable to fulfil the contracts.
  • The Vietnam Food Association have petitioned to the Government to remove the export limit for rice and officials from localities continue to call for actions to allow exporters who have submitted customs declaration forms in March before the export ban to ship their rice and enable traders with rice consignments at the ports to complete customs clearance.