The COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) met to decide on guidelines for the second phase of relaxation, as well as the list of activities and businesses permitted to operate in the next relaxation which is targeted to take place on 17 May.


  • Shopping malls and restaurants in shopping malls are on the list of businesses that are allowed to resume operations nationwide. Malls are required to close at 8pm to allow people to travel home before the night curfew starts.
  • Curfew hours will be shortened by one hour. The new curfew hours will be from 11pm-4am from 17 May onwards.
  • There has been discussion on the guidelines or safety measures, such as putting in control on the number of people in the building at one time, for the list of businesses that are considered to be included In the second phase of relaxation, such as large scale department store, department stores, shopping malls and trade centres.
  • The government continues to assess the compliance of businesses and activities which were allowed to resume in the first phase of relaxation since 3 May.
  • As part of the government’s gradual resumption of business activities, the third phase is likely to be announced in early June and the final phase on the reopening of all businesses and activities iis expected to be announced in mid-June.


  • Dine in at small food establishments with social distancing measures is allowed. This will be opened up to bigger food establishments, e.g. those in departmental store or restaurants, in the second phase of relaxation.