A few measures were imposed by the government to contain the spread of virus.


  • Starting from 10 April, crowd control will be imposed at tourist hotspots, night markets and temples. Stall vendors and consumers in night markets and traditional markets should wear masks to prevent asymptomatic transmission.
  • All night markets and relevant business associations shall propose a control plan in accordance with the social distances issued by the command center.
  • Starting from 18 April, all inbound travellers who have visited Europe and America in the past 14 days, should voluntarily present documents for home quarantine requirements before boarding.


  • There is a delay in terms of shipment on soybeans, wheat, and corn due to the lockdown of the Argentina port city. The operation is still possible to resume in a few days, the local industry association will keep monitoring the progress of the development.
  • The reserves of fertilisers, vegetable seeds and miscellaneous grain seeds, feeds such as soybeans, wheat, and corn are only left for 3.5 months. Farmers in south Taiwan have been notified that the purchase of fertilisers will be based on a rational plan to ensure that all farmers in Taiwan have enough fertilisers to use. According to the Council of Agriculture, if the global supply chain fails, the livestock industry will reduce production.
  • eCommerce performance of frozen food and fresh food continues to improve. In general, the food supply chain is running smoothly.