Curfew has been lifted for most of the areas in Sri Lanka.


  • For curfew, it will be effective for districts of Colombo and Gampaha until further notice. For the districts including Kalutara,and Puttalam, the curfew will be effective only from 0800pm to 0500am daily from 11 May.
  • In order to return to normalcy in civilian life and revive economy, the government announced that the resumption of businesses and private sector activities will begin from 11 May 2020. The resumption of operation shall strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the relevant authorities.


  • Following the announcement of resumption, the private sector entities, including food manufacturing industry and it’s distribution chains are allowed to operate with strict compliance to the Operational Guidelines on Preparedness and Response For COVID-19 Outbreak for Work Setting.

    – For manufacturing industries, the management shall restructure the workplace by reviewing policies and practices, establishing alternate shifts to reduce employees in a workplace at a given time, and arranging distance between workers.
    – For restaurant and eateries, the business shall fulfill the recommended practice, including arranging distance between customers and workers, hygiene practice of staff and premise.

  • The government of Sri Lanka has notified temporary suspension of import of commodities until 15 July, 2020. The commodities include a range of food and agriculture commodities.