The curfew imposed from Friday, 19 March, is continuing to date in Colombo, Gampaha, Kaluthara, Puttalam, Kandy and Jaffna, which have been identified as High Risk Zones. Other parts of the country are also undergoing the curfew, but at a lesser severity. Traveling to and from all districts have been completely prohibited except for the purpose of providing essential services.


  • The government has introduced mechanism to continuously supply essential food and other goods enabling public to purchase.
  • For individuals who are involved in paddy farming, and cultivation of tea & export crops in any district are allowed to operate as usual.
  • Considering the current socio-economic situation in the country, some senior professors of the leading medical faculties of Sri Lanka have proposed an ‘exit strategy from lock down’.


  • Import clearance delays continue to be a concern. Since food item clearance involves multiple parties, the process is anyway lengthier. Free demurrage period has been given, but to be ended in this week, unless extended