Following the end of Enhanced Social Distancing campaign on 19 April, a slightly relaxed form of social distancing campaign will be continued until 5 May 2020.


On 20 April, the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC) has extended the social distancing policy for another 15 days with some flexibilities offered to the daily activities.

  • The relatively lower-risk facilities such as national parks, recreation forests, may gradually reopen in phases with the implementation of infection prevention/control policy measures. However, for high-risk facilities (nightlife entertainment venues, fitness/sports venues, religious facilities) are still recommended to refrain from operation.
  • People are still recommended to refrain from non-essential gatherings or events. For people who cannot avoid visiting crowded venues, they should keep at least 2 meters of social distancing from the others, and keep good practice of personal hygiene (wearing facemask, washing hands, using hand sanitizers) to prevent COVID-19. In addition, for people who have suspected COVID-19 symptoms should be tested at the screening center.