Tightened safe distancing measures were introduced to F&B establishments, food and online retail delivery personnel.


  • The operational guidance is applicable to all delivery platforms, delivery personnel and F&B establishments operating during the period of the circuit breaker.
  • Based on the guidance, platforms are required to work with their delivery personnel to ensure awareness of and adherence to the key safe distancing and precautionary measures.
  • At the same time, F&B establishments are also responsible to ensure that delivery personnel or customers comply with safe distancing measures and do not cluster together at their outlets. F&B establishments should cater for contactless pickup, where possible, to minimise interaction between outlet and delivery personnel.


  • On 15 April, Singapore established a trade declaration with New Zealand to ensure supply chain connectivity amidst COVID-19. Both nations agreed not to impose tariffs and other trade barriers including export restrictions to boost the trade flow of essential supplies.
  • The product categories covered under the trade declaration includes meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and medical instruments.