The nation remains cautiously optimistic as they extend the nationwide lockdown by another week.


  • On 20 April, the Alert Level 4 nationwide lockdown will be extended by a week, after which it will move to a lower level of restrictions on 27 April. Alert Level 3 will then be held for another two weeks before the situation is reviewed again.
  • Under Alert Level 3, businesses can re-open if they are able to provide contactless engagement with customers. Shops, malls, hardware stores and restaurants would have to remain shut, but online and phone purchases will be permitted. Schools can partially re-open (up to year 10), but attendance would be voluntary.
  • Note: Alert levels and state of national emergency are two distinct and separate things. Alert levels specify the range of measures deployed to protect the nation from COVID-19, while a state of emergency provides authorities access to powers that would not normally be available to enforce those measures.