On 27 June, the Central Committee on COVID-19 Control announced that temporary control measures will be extended to 15 July.


  • The following measures are still in place:

    – Compulsory wearing of face masks in public
    – Yangon-wide curfew from 12am to 4am
    – Gatherings of five persons or more, with exemptions including traveling to and from the workplace or hospital, trading at permitted markets and malls, transport of goods, court proceedings and funeral affairs.

  • Temporary restrictions on visas and international flights continue on as the entry of visitors from all countries is restricted until 31 July.
On 1 July, the Law to Prevent an Increased Quantity of Imports enacted in December 2019 was announced to enter into force 1 July 2021.


  • The law serves to protect the businesses of local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and control the import volume through measures such as provisional protection duties and import volume restrictions.
  • The “increased quantity of imports” is defined as “a quantity of any kind of imports into Myanmar significantly higher than the amount of domestically produced goods that are similar or directly competitive”.