The Prime Minister’s Office issued notice regarding the easing and continuation of certain lockdown measures from 4 to 17 May.


  • The notice outlines a gradual loosening of lockdown measures, with certain strict measures to remain in place.
  • Government offices and private sector businesses will be permitted to open. However, employees must come to work on a rotational basis and workplaces must put in place strict preventive measures.
  • Restaurants, convenience stores, barber, beauty salons, wet markets, shopping malls, wholesale and retail shops, supermarkets, coffee shops, car care centers, water factories, and ice factories may operate but with strict preventive measures in place.
  • Large-scale manufacturing plants and investment projects with large number of employees must abide by strict preventive measures as advised by the National Taskforce.
  • The following businesses are still not allowed to operate: entertainment venues, beer gardens, bars, cinemas, karaoke venues, spa and massage parlours, casinos, night markets, indoor fitness gyms, outdoor team sports venues and other sports that draw more than ten participants and do not allow players to maintain a physical distance of one meter from each other.
  • The public may leave their homes to attend to their own needs. However, they must remain within their province.