Prime Minister’s Order No. 06/PM on Reinforcement Measures on Containment, Prevention and Full Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic was issued on 29 March. The Order will be in force from 30 March to 19 April.


  • The Order mandates everyone to stay at their house or residence, except to carry out activities such as purchasing food and
    consumer goods, going to a hospital, and other activities spelled out in the Order
  • All garment factories, large projects and other factories that are at risk for the outbreak are to be closed, except for factories to produce consumer goods, medication, medical protective gears and equipment. Factories that are permitted to operate must take strictly precautionary measures as provided by the Task Force Committee. The Order provided the types of activities that are allowed to continue, such as banks, hospitals, health centers, pharmacies,telecommunication, electricity, water supply, waste collectors, agricultural produce markets, convenient stores, supermarkets, fuel stations, restaurants and cafes.
  • Only takeaway and delivery service are allowed for restaurants and cafes
  • The owner of the factories that have been closed ensure their employees remains at their residences and provide them with the necessary welfare allowance during the period of closure


  • With the closure of factories that are at risk for the outbreak, factories to produce consumer goods, medication, medical protective gears and equipment are exempted. However, it is unclear if the closure order extends to food manufacturing facilities
  • While the Order permits legally authorised vehicles for transportation of goods to continue to cross the border checkpoints, there is limited information on the permission for transportation of goods locally