From 18 May onwards, lockdown restrictions will be eased, including the resumption of domestic flights and reopening of schools.


  • The National Taskforce for COVID-19 Prevention and Control announced the ease of nine measures. Four restrictions will remain in place.
  • The measures eased include the following:

    – Reopening of government and private sector offices. Operations can resume as usual.
    – Interprovincial travel is permitted throughout the country.
    – Interprovincial transportation via land, water, or air is permitted.
    – Restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, massage parlors and spas, fresh markets, beauty salons, barbershops, shopping centers and malls, and tourism sites, are permitted to open.
    – Construction projects, plants, and factories may resume operations.

  • The following remains restricted:

    – Night markets, beer shops, nightclubs, online game shops, karaoke venues, cinemas, casinos, team sports tournaments.
    – Local, traditional, and international border checkpoints remain closed and people are not allowed to enter and exit the country, except for drivers of cargo vehicles or those with prior authorisation.
    – Unofficial or informal gatherings or other large events.