The National COVID-19 Task Force issued Circular Letter No. 4/2020 on the Criteria of Personal Travel in the Effort to Mitigate COVID-19 that permitted conditional mobility of individuals amid the government’s large-scale social restriction (PSBB).


  • The Circular stipulated the conditions that are allowed for individuals to travel between areas where PSBB have been implemented. Those that meet the conditions to travel include state officials, private sector workers and state-owned enterprises employees that provide health services, basic necessities, security and defense and vital economic functions.
  • Travellers are required to provide a health declaration on negative result for COVID-19 test and a letter from employer to declare the purpose of travel.
  • The Circular is effective until 31 May and may be extended if necessary.
  • Following the Circular issued by the COVID-19 Task Force, the Ministry of Transportation reopened all air, land and sea transportation services, ahead of the travel ban period that was issued earlier to limit mass movement during Eid Mubarak. Operational guidelines have been provided for the various modes of transportation.


  • As one of the eleven sectors that are permitted to operate amid the pandemic, the operations in the food sector remain unhindered. Documentation processes with authorities have been eased during this period with shorter turnaround time.
  • Enhanced safety and health procedures are required to be implemented for logistics and food services operations.