Updates on 21-day lockdown announcement.
The existing 21-day lockdown is extended.


  • On 11 Apr, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the existing lockdown scheduled to expire on 14 April 2020, will be extended until 3 May 2020.
  • Starting from 20 April, selected additional activities will be operationalised based on the compliance to the existing consolidated revised guidelines on lockdown measures.
  • The government is likely to divide the country into three zones – red, orange and green – to further restrict activities for each zone to contain the virus. The colour of the zones will depend on the number of cases found in the area.


  • The Standard Operating Procedure for Social Distancing for Offices, Workplace, Factories and Establishments can be found as Annexure II under the consolidated revised guidelines.
  • On 15 April, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has published a detailed guidance on specific measures that shall be taken by different types of food business during the operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Another challenge that food manufacturers are still facing is with regards to the different interpretations of essential goods that are allowed to be produced at the district level. However, the situation is getting better as compared to the last few weeks.
  • If the division of colour zones is implemented, the food factory operation is likely to be affected.
  • Most food processing companies obtained permission to operate and settled down with the logistic issue. However, the manufacturers are facing the issues of the availability of labour. The local industry association is working closely with the government authority to solve the problem.


  • FIA is working closely with local industry association, FICCI, to address industry concerns to ensure food manufacturers and suppliers can continue to operate.